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Fox Theatre

Built in 1928, the Fox was originally to be used as the home for the Atlanta Shriners., but due to the financial responsibility of the theater, the Shriners leased the Fox to William Fox, movie theater mogul, before it even opened.  The Shriners had conceived the  mosque-like architectural style inspired by the Alhambra in Spain and the Temple of Karnak in Egypt.

The Fox thrived as a movie theater until the 1930’s when the depression led to financial troubles and bankruptcy.  Purchased by a private company, the Fox survived until 1974 when it closed its doors.  Atlantans banded together to donate money to “Save the Fox” and it reopened in 1975 after an extensive renovation, bringing it back to much of the original design.  The Fox continues to be considered one of the best theaters in the U.S. and was recently given the distinction of one the “Best Big Rooms in America” by Rolling Stone Magazine. 

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