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Springer Opera House

As the oldest theatre in this portfolio, the Springer brings history and culture from its second balcony to the saloon on the lower level of the theatre.  Built in 1871 by businessman F. J. Springer, the theater attracted the most famous actors and performers of the time including Columbus native, Ma Rainey. A renovation in 1900 expanded seating to a capacity of 1000, but when movie pictures were invented, interest in stage performances started to decline and eventually, the Springer fell into disrepair.  A group of Columbus volunteers raised money and awareness to save it from the wrecking ball and bring the Springer back to its original glory. 

President Jimmy Carter named the Springer Opera House as the State Theatre of Georgia in its 100th Anniversary season and the legislature made it permanent in 1992. A visit to the theater is like walking into a museum displaying not just artifacts from the theatre’s history, but furniture and paintings from the history of Columbus.

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